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This web is published from an Alice database.

Most pages in the Web are reserved for descriptions of individual taxa. These taxon pages include that information contained within the source database that the author of this Web has chosen to include. Particular items of information about taxa are linked to the data sources from which they originally came.

Other sets of pages include the lists of scientific and common names of the taxa that were chosen by the author of this Web to be selected from the source database. The criteria for that selection are shown on the front page of the Web.

Finally the Web contains other pages that include indexes.  The web uses a set of indexes to help you navigate through the large number of pages contained in the web.  The indexes listed on the Indexes web page are grouped together under sub headings.  The indexes page can be reached from any page in the web using the hyperlinks at the top and bottom of each page.

The categories of information available in the web are summarised in the indexes page. You may choose one of these indexes to answer two different types of question:

1. What information is available for a particular taxon?

2. Which taxa have a particular property or value stored in the database?

A map of the web site structure is also provided.


Last revised: 06/11/2000