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About Alice Web Publisher

This web was published using the Alice Web Publisher.  The Alice Web Publisher is one of the suite of applications in Alice Software's Biodiversity Database Management System which is used to store, manage and publish information about biological organisms.

The data published in this web are contained in an Alice database and managed by the database author using the suite of Alice applications.

Each Alice database is different in scope, containing different types of information about the taxa described.  The authors of a database (and web) are free to define the morphological, ecological or other characteristics that are used within their Alice database.

The Alice Database System provides a powerful range of functionality for editing, reporting and exporting data to other platforms.  For further information about the System, its use and how to get copies, please visit the Alice Software web site at (

The following link: web navigation, provides details of the structure of the current web and describes how you can access information contained within these pages.


Last revised: 06/11/2000